Free engineering for you

Free engineering for you

Tuesday 19th January 2021

Dear Customer,

TOPSLIDE slides are an essential part of everyday industrial applications and devices.

We supply ball bearing slides to the following segments:

• Tool cars/storage
• Waste Bin Systems
• Tool Trolleys
• Office/Home Furniture
• Work Benches
• Electronics
• Wire Baskets

We develop and engineer our slides in-house and we would be happy, free of charge, to extend this service to you, If your are working on improving an existing slide solution or in the process of designing a new product where slides are an integral part of your product give us a call.
We have 25 years ot "slide experience" and you can put our knowledge to work for you and your product.

TOPSLIDE manufacturers quality slides providing smooth, efficient and quiet movement in thousands of products daily.

Reach out to your local TOPSLIDE representative at - where you can find contact information about your local representative.
We will be pleased and ready to help you.
All the best